Lacues 24K Gold Micro-current V Face Slimming Massager

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Product overview

The Secret to Beauty

Micro-current vibrations: stimulates circulations and activates cells

Cosmetic techniques: a professional beautician massage

Chrome plated rollers: beautiful appearance, easy to clean. A firm surface with resistance to corrosion

Radian handle

Radian handle is designed to adjust the angle, according to the body area of treatment

3D roller

360 degree rotation, designed to cover all areas of the face and body

Silver rolling ball

Suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin

360ºmulti-angle rotate

tridimensional idler wheel

Advantage of 3D full effect massage roller

1. A successful combination of the massager and the rollers with 360° angle maneuverer to reach the complicated motion

2. When the updated 3D massage device was developed, we used new technology and highly considered the delicate skin of the female

3. Adjust the angle of the device to suit the skin and body part. This will create the best three-dimensional result of the massage

4. Waterproof design has passed the GID standard. You can also use it whilst showering

Design philosophy of 3D skin massage roller

Most people have a weak current in the skin. That’s why the 3D skin massage roller uses solar powered energy in the panel; to collect the ray of light and produce a very similar “current”.

The same massage manipulation

used by professional

cosmetologists was a

serious goal when

developing the 3D


Deeply kneading,

moving with agility, perfectly firming

1.The body massager kneads as a beautician does by using rotating more than 360 degrees

In order to reproduce the complex action of kneading; we adjusted the shape of the roller many times to get it right. Increasing the angle turn of the 3D design gives deep massage experience, similar kneading systemic nursing

2.Double roller

Designed for women and people with delicate skin. The special diamond cut surface looks beautiful while efficiently massaging the skin

3.The curved handle

The large handle makes the massage easy to hold and flexible to adjust the angle

4.Balance of electricity current bearing

Designed with micro “electric current conductive nanoparticles” to effectively improve the lubrication of the roller and become a “highly efficient sliding material”


Implements the waterproof protection grade IPX7 waterproof specifications so it can be used in the bathtub

product feature

*Advance handle addition of massage, beautiful skin, tighten the skin

*Just like mini Beautician, a new generation of kneading technology

*Two rollers are applicable to any part of the skin

*Can apply to sensitive skin

Travel the massager along the curves of your body in the soft part of the skin using gentle pressure.

It is recommended to massage the upper body with movement starting from the top and go downwards.

For the lower body parts, roll from the bottom upwards.

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