Lavendar eye steam mask


Steam eye mask Q&A:
Q: what effect to have FOREST steam eye mask?
A: FOREST steam eye mask is designed for excessive with the eye, eye fatigue, insomnia, much dream, serious black rim of the eye pouch such people to design new products, men, women and children can be. Features include: when hot compress, can promote the blood circulation around the eyes, so as to alleviate the effect of visual fatigue; Contains lavender extract ingredients, can eliminate eye edema and black rim of the eye pouch, accelerating stroke of sleep; In addition, the steam eye mask and moist eyes, eye fine lines, reduce the effect of cleaning cosmetics toxin.

Q: FOREST steam eye mask what composition?
A: lavender essential oil, iron powder, activated carbon, soft cotton for medical use, rinse with grading.

Q: FOREST Japanese steam heating principle of the eye mask?
A: FOREST Japan spontaneous heat temperature control of the steam EYE mask using Japans advanced technology, through the oxygen in the air and water and iron powder in the patch inside the heat release of ion steam, heat, generate small warm steam for 30 to 40 minutes of 41 degrees thermostatic, promote the blood circulation around the eyes, EYE skin seemed to enjoy A perfect SPA is in the EYE.

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